I dedicate this to makutamatata and clumsier and trueeasiann and the millions of voices who cried out in terror when this video was suddenly silenced. I say that to say, enjoy. I know it is not perfect but maybe one of you skilled people will be able to dissect it and revive the original video! I added some EXTRA DAMN too…fair warning.


This is WHO I AM.

This is WHO I AM.

I am Shadow, Shadow The Hedgehog. And I am not what people call me, but only what I choose to answer too. People can insult me all they want, but I will give them nor their words any power.

This is WHO I AM.

I am Shadow, Shadow The Hedgehog. And I will not be judged nor brought down by what humanity thinks I should be. I will be who I want to be!

This is WHO I AM.

I am Shadow, Shadow The Hedgehog. And giving up is not an option for me. I never fail. I only take multiple tries at somethings.

This is WHO I AM.

I am Shadow, Shadow The Hedgehog. And I don’t make promises unless I intend to keep them. Trust is important. 

This is WHO I AM.

I am Shadow, Shadow The Hedgehog. And I was born for a purpose. Even if it was not always clear, it was always there. Everyone has a reason they are here. It may just take a little digging. It isn’t pathetic to fall, just don’t give up.



Sonic Boom - Rouge The Bat at Club Rouge

…My other team mate, Rouge the Bat, styled in that of the upcoming Sonic Boom game and TV show. With her design, bandages were only focused on her hands and feet, her feet to up her hang from ceilings and other platforms, and her hands to better help with stealth and thieving. In fact, rather than gloves, it is all bandages. 

imagec Boom

G.U.N. Commander Abraham Tower Sonic Boom Concept Art

Concept art of the G.U.N. Commander as done in the upcoming Sonic Boom style show and game. Despite that blue hedgehog and his immediate friends being the stars, some humans have hinted at other returning characters, though not playable, in interviews. This will definitely cause many humans to start redesigns of their fan favorite characters…or in this case of themselves. This was found by Rouge and I on the Commander’s main laptop done by himself… 

10 Years of Team Dark. Happy Birthday Omega…

I am still the Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog. I am all of me. The one to keep Maria’s wish. The one you don’t want to cross paths with. The one to protect the Space Colony ARK, while keeping the G.U.N. in line. This is who I am.

Rouge the Bat. Top agent and spy in the G.U.N. and world’s best treasure hunter. Sometimes too aggressive when she loses in video games, she is however classy and independent despite how the internet tries to maim her reputation. And a good friend…

E-123 Omega. Not a G.U.N. agent but is as effective as one. The walking arsenal built by Dr. Eggman and he betrayed the doctor. He still believes he is stronger than I, which we shall settle one day, but when the situation breaks into chaos, there is no other better to have backing you up than he. Happy “Birthday” Omega…

Bring Hope To Humanity. Wishes, Are Eternal…

[G.U.N. Entry Log]

Time***enter a fake time agent so you can not be tracked***

{27:53 am}

Subject: (One Year Tumblr Anniversary) |25th Post|

Bring hope to humanity. The last words spoken by Maria, shortly before she died. Benevolent to the end even as she was unnecessarily gunned down by the very humans she wished for me to protect, she still wished hope on them all. What was the meaning of this? I’d like to believe she learned something that many of us today forget. To have hope. That despite all the turmoil life will throw at you, you can still be positive and look forward in hope of better times ahead. That the evil men do can be repaired and amended, forgiven and forgotten, accepted and overcame through the idea that happiness is never out of reach. She died wanting to go to a world that is filled with cruel crimes and selfish ambitions, but ultimately people who are good at heart. By now, we know the world has its issues but somewhere along the line we forgotten the world has its victories too. Be it random acts of kindness, people defending the innocent when they cannot defend themselves, or potentially making the ultimate sacrifice to save another they do not even know. People whom dress in super hero outfits just to bring happiness and entertainment to a child in a hospital whom may die before ever seeing another sunrise. People who races out of their cars to help life one off a pinned down person. People who leap into burning buildings to try and save as many people as possible because the Fire Department is on its way, Fire Departments that also fight and save lives at the risk of losing their own. The Police forces and military troops. Even G.U.N. at times. The list goes on. The point being? Maria was right. This world is not as pathetic as it sometimes appears to be but even when it has its low moments, hope and patience are all that is needed to make it through. Giving up on humanity is not an option. To give up is to lose hope, and that is not what Maria wished for. There are evil people yes. Selfish and greedy in every way, but there are also those who emit selflessness and benevolence. Maria was a testament that not every human is scum. It all starts with each individual. If we wish for the world to be a better place, then we must act as so. Not spending our time destroying our friends because of a difference of opinions, views, or beliefs. As friends respect their difference, even if you do not agree. Not going out of our way to wish ill will on those we do not like because they are different from us, but wishing them hope that the world will accept them as they are. Because unless you are immortal, you only have one life to live, so why waste is in despair or hate? I’d like to believe if Maria was alive today or at least she had gotten to see this planet, she wouldn’t stand out as the nicest person on Earth because everyone else had descended to become spiteful people. She will always be unique, but people can follow in her footsteps. If we all hope and wish for a better world and act on it. I’m not saying I like humanity, but for Maria, I have hope for humanity…


On a trip to Soleanna, which was a mistake in itself, Team Dark met a group of Omega fans that believed Omega was a girl robot, despite having a voice that implied he was Darth Vader’s father. And not a girl piloting a robot but that Omega was a female robot. Now, technically speaking Metal Sonic is the only robot with a known gender as he is a copy of Sonic, but then again it is simply implied they are all “men” unless stated otherwise…

We ended up in Spagonia later on, on a mission to the clock section of the clock tower, which was up high. You could tell because it kept saying “Bong”. And the same thing happened with some more fans. Once Omega got done arguing with his cousin, the refrigerator, which had apparently given him the cold shoulder, we asked why they believed he was one. They answered that because he “ANNIHILATED” all of his leg hair, had skinny thighs, and his voice got higher in Sonic 2006. A robot mind you. And even though none of us including Omega usually cared what people thought of us, this still made us stop and think for a second. Or four seconds before an ATM machine claiming to be Omega’s distant relative approached us and asked Omega for money. Ironic. A word these same fans thought meant “Iron Sonic” whom they thought was Metal Sonic’s actual name…Strange, isn’t it…?